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South East London health coach | Health coaching Sydenham, Peckham, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Beckenham

Health coaching with Alisa Connan 

South East London women's health coaching and gut health specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa

Let's Take Care Of You

Awarded Best Health Coach 2023 (London) Alisa Connan

London & South East Women's Health Coach

Are you tired of low energy, anxiety, poor sleep and weight issues? Maybe your hormones are affecting you more than you know...

Most of us know that we should be doing more for our health, but It can be hard to prioritise when life is so full. If you're tired of trudging through life and feeling less than your best, then you don't have to struggle alone.


I help busy women like you join the dots on their wellness journey so that they can save time and reach their full potential, both for themselves and for their inner circle.

 Feel well in your body
Show up as your best self
Model healthy habits
South East London health coach | Health coaching Sydenham, Peckham, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Beckenham
Hi , I'm Alisa

I help busy women look after themselves so they can do what they do best.

My wellness journey started in 2013 while going through the IVF process.


In the midst of all the highs and lows of hormone treatment, I regained my power in knowing that my daily choices could make an incredible difference in the way my body functioned.

This was the beginning of a life-long learning journey about health.  After furthering my knowledge at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I knew then that I wanted to become a health coach to support other women to prioritise their health goals and balance their hormones with someone they trust.

Nourish & Power with Alisa | London women's health coach & gut health specialist Sydenham
Health Coach for Conception & Pregnancy South East London  | Nourish & Power with Alisa

Wellbeing doesn't have to be hard

You can vastly improve your short & long term health with simple sustainable swaps

There is so much noise about what you should be doing for your health that it can be hard to know what to do.


Using a collaborative approach, I help my clients cut through the noise and offer accountability and support throughout the process of getting the body into a natural healing state.

Creating positive ripples

I use a science based approach to health coaching that is tailored to your needs.

We are all completely unique and as such, our bodies respond differently. I take a flexible approach in my health coaching that makes the healing journey accessible to everyone.

My clients feel supported, seen and heard throughout the time that we work together


Once you’re feeling better in your mind and body, it’s much easier to make better daily choices.

It’s a privilege to support my clients to reach their individual health goals.

Health coaching packages


Power Hour

For someone who would like to understand and experience the benefits of working on their health in a systematic way before committing their most valuable resources namely; time, money & energy. 


Detox, Reset & Go

This 6-week program is designed to go deep to address one primary health concern. We will identify and address the root cause and create a structured plan to get you on the path of healing.


Nourish + Power 

A 3-month program designed to help you invest in your health, by learning about your patterns, and triggers. Take control over your health journey and become an expert in your own body and wellbeing.

Nourish & Power is a women's health coach based in South East London using a science based approach. Alisa specialises in gut health and hormone Balance for optimal wellbeing.
South East London Health Coach Specialising in Gut Health & IBS, Hormone Balance, Conception, Menopause & Weight Loss
Your time is now

Discover a renewed energy & passion for your ultimate health and wellbeing

Work with me to harness your unique ability to self heal.


It's time to take your power back and gain more control over your long term health.

South East London health coach and peri menopause specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa
3 Simple Steps

Let's get well with health coaching


Book a clarity call

Are we a good match? Book a complementary clarity call to find out.


Take control of your health

Regain your power by naturally bringing your health back into balance.


Create a ripple effect

Model healthy habits and enjoy long term health for you and your family.

“I thought that by making some changes my body would benefit but my whole life has benefited because if I’m feeling better, I’m sleeping better, I can do things with my son I couldn’t do before.
That’s made a huge difference for me and everyone around me.  It’s been a game-changer"

Jemma, mum to Frank (2 years)

Ready to take control of your future ?

Book a clarity call

Contact me today to find out more about how health coaching can support you to be the best that you can be.


6 Steps To Better Sleep: Download your free guide

South East London health coach and sleep specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa
South East London health coach and sleep specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa
South East London women's health coaching and gut health specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa
CNM-qualified-health-coach | Alisa Connan Nourish & Power
UK & International Health Coaching Association |  | Alisa Connan Nourish & Power
CNM Qualified Health Coach London |  Alisa Connan Nourish & Power
ANP Qualified Health Coach  | Alisa Connan Nourish & Power
Alliance for Natural Health International  | Alisa Connan Nourish & Power London
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