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What is a women's health coach?

Health Coaching is where a trained professional will work with you, taking a whole-body approach, looking at how your nutrition and environment are affecting your body and mind. Health Coaching looks at the body as a joint eco-system and focuses on the causes of illness and how to prevent illness from occurring in the first place.

South East London women's health coaching and gut health specialist | Nourish & Power with Alisa Connan

One to one health coaching

Health Coaches work with clients in a 1:1, or group setting. You are unique. We are all unique. So where 1:1 Coaching can be beneficial is that it takes a tailored personalised approach to promoting and maintaining your wellness long-term.

No coaching plan is the same. One size fits all? Not in this case! The work I do with my clients is the exact opposite of one size fits all. If you don't feel right, your body is trying to tell you something, and my role is to help you tune into what your body is trying to communicate with you. From there, together, we create that unique tailored plan to support you on your wellbeing journey.

The benefit of 1:1 coaching is having that accountability, which is key to creating that sustainable change.

Health Coach vs Nutritionist. Confused? What's the difference?

Ok, let me explain.

Firstly, it is important to know that both help with nutrition, but the approaches are very different.

Health coaches are mentors that walk side by side with you on your journey, offering education, advice, guidance, and empowerment, helping you make healthy diet and lifestyle choices, to promote improved overall wellness. Health Coaches assess all areas of your wellbeing, including things like sleep, energy levels and mindset.

Whether you have received a diagnosis from your doctor and wish to support your body through its new journey, you are struggling with your health overall, you want to lose weight, improve your fitness, and create more balance in your life, as a Health Coach, my role is to mentor you through that process, and help you reach your goals.

We are trained in basic nutrition, dietary planning, detoxing, digestive health, and fitness, but we have also been trained in specialised coaching techniques. So, when you work with a Health coach you have that reassurance that we know how to problem solve, motivate, and practice accountability.

Ideal because most clients come to me saying they ‘feel stuck in a rut’. This is where Health Coaching comes in, helping to unblock areas where you may be feeling stuck.

When to seek a nutritionist?

Nutritionists specialise in, you guessed it, nutrition! They are experts in this field. They provide dietary advice, meal plans, order and assess blood results, carry out in-depth pathology testing, and when required, carefully prescribe nutritional supplements.

Health coaches and Nutritionists often work with the same client as they compliment each other’s areas of expertise.

You may benefit working with a nutritionist if you have complex nutritional requirements, and require specific help with complex conditions and ailments, such as parasites or serious allergies.

My approach as a health coach

My approach has three major aspects;

Nutritional – putting the good stuff back in to the body. Environmental – taking the bad stuff out. Mindset – Helping you to feel better in the short term, with less pain, increased energy & mental clarity, AND reduce your chances (and your immediate family's chances) of developing a serious illness in the future. Let’s look at some examples of common illnesses that can have a better chance at being prevented, when you undertake Health Coaching; - Acne - Allergies - Arthritis - Asthma - Autoimmune conditions - Cancer - Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME/Long Covid - Dementia - Depression - Diabetes - Eczema - Endometriosis - Fertility struggles - Hayfever - Heart disease - Inflammatory bowel disease - Irritable bowel syndrome - Polycystic ovary syndrome - Thyroid problems Did you know, these diseases have causes due to our environment, our nutrition, and the way we live? Which means they really are potentially preventable, even if there is a genetic predisposition.

A Health Coach is trained to understand what is going on in your world, in terms of nutrition, toxins, stress, anxiety, and imbalances that affect everything from sleep to how your brain functions. Our job is to help you manage that; to walk with you on your journey, and help you create that long-lasting change that can often feel so desperately needed. The first step is to take action. It won’t always feel this way, you CAN do this, and things can always get better.

Being the mothership can be overwhelming, the to-do list is real. You're not alone. I see you Mama.

For me personally, I get so much from helping clients make better decisions, empower them with knowledge, help them make better decisions, and guide them to feel so much happier in their own skin. There is no place I would rather be.

Alisa x

Interested in working together?

If you are ready to take yours and your family’s wellbeing to the next level, you can click here to download my free eBook 6 Steps To Better Sleep. Keep up to date with all things health related at @nourishandpower

Gut Health Coach South East London  | Nourish & Power with Alisa


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